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Finding a Fitness Community in a Pandemic

For many of us on a fitness journey we find it to incredibly difficult to push ourselves when going it alone. We crave the support of others along the way, we long for that community of others in the same boat as us.

Finding that community can be a trial even in normal times, let alone while in the middle of a global pandemic! Gyms have been trying to move their workouts outdoors, hosting workouts without equipment in parks, and limiting their numbers to just a few people at a time. This has been such a struggle for both the members AND for the gyms themselves.

In this time I have tried several different outlets in finding my own sense of community among established facilities and local outlets, but none of them were a good fit. There was never a place that I felt comfortable or at home. It was either too intimidating, too cliquey, or simply not cautious enough with the pandemic. So, I created my own community!

I took everything that I was looking for and I built it myself. I have created a space that is safe for people to be themselves without fear of judgement. A body positive place where people can work towards their goals and share their accomplishments, lift each other up when they are having rough moments in life and fitness, and a place that I can help to offer professional fitness advice to those that need to have it from someone they can trust.

From the private Facebook group for my students to the Instagram contests to keep them engaged and accountable. I absolutely love all of the support that every one of my students offers to one another! It truly is inspiring to me to see them interact every day.

This group has been everything that I could have ever asked for and more! I can't wait to see how big I can grow it and how many people that I can help in years to come! As much as I am helping them and their journeys, they are continuously helping me on mine as well.

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