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As a personal trainer I strive to help change peoples lives the way that fitness has changed mine.
Through years of dedication in honing my craft, I’ve learned to work with people from all walks of life to deliver the most beneficial workouts and nutritional guidance to assist them in achieving their goals. journey in fitness began with a run.

Growing up as an overweight kid in pursuit of a performance career proved to be very hard because of my size and limited physical abilities. Deciding to make fitness a priority not only saved my performance career, but my life as well!

It began with a run. A simple morning jog with a couple of friends that just wanted to change up what we did when we hung out together. That morning run turned into one more, then one more, and so on. Of those friends, I was the one that caught the “running bug” and stuck with it for the long haul! I started seeing small results in my weight just from the runs, so I decided to challenge myself and adhere to a healthier diet as well to see just how far I could go. Before I knew it, I was dropping weight and feeling incredible. The way I carried myself was different, the roles I was being cast in got much bigger, and the outlook I had on life was far more optimistic.



I pursued a career in exercise science so that I can help others live fuller, happier, and healthier lives. I want to challenge my clients to outdo themselves and achieve things that they never considered possible, all while having fun and finding new ways to enjoy their workouts! There's no better part of my job than the fact that I get to help empower people to achieve their own greatness.

I’d love to have an opportunity to use my years of experience and knowledge to help you in reaching your own goals!


I've had 6 trainers in the past few years, and Roy is by far the best! He takes the time to get to know you, your goals and where you're starting from so that he can build a plan that's most effective for your individual needs. In workouts focused on teaching you proper form, while being very patient and never making you feel dumb. I'd recommend him to anyone!


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