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*$15 a month. Cancel anytime.

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We’ve been members of a gym for years and have seen more results in the last 2 months working with Roy than anytime in the past.

I have had an amazing experience working with Roy. Since our first training session I could tell he was going to help me reach my specific goals.

I've had 6 trainers in the past few years, and Roy is by far the best! He takes the time to get to know you, your goals and where you're starting from so that he can build a plan that's most effective for your individual needs.

I wasn't a generic PT client like you find at a lot of those big gyms, he really listened to what I wanted to achieve. Every time we work together I know I'm going to get a great workout and keep making progress toward my goals.

Roy makes workouts fun yet challenging, and is very responsive to the needs of his students. I feel more accountable, and it’s harder to skip this work out than decide not to go to the gym!


*$15 a month. Cancel anytime.

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