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Winter is coming, and so are the sweets!

With the holidays just around the corner and all the tasty treats that come with it, it's important to start making a plan about how you'll manage the balance with your goals and still enjoying some tasty goodies!

I have always been one to let my sweet tooth get the best of me, so I have learned over the years different ways to satisfy what I want without completely pulling me away from my goals. Just a couple of very simple things that anyone can do the stay on track.

Winter almost always, I say almost because of the virus currently taking over, means gatherings, parties with family, and an abundance of delicious food to consume. More often than not there will be an assortment of cheeses, a fruit display, and more cookies than any one party should consume. Not to mention the alcohol!

The first thing that I think to do before even getting to one of these events is to have a healthy snack at home. In doing this I will already be taking up some of the room that I would otherwise be stuffing sugary treats into. I usually have something that I know will last in my belly a while as well, like a bit of oatmeal or another healthy grain.

From there I always start my time at a party by grabbing a big glass of water. You put it in the same glass that you would have any other alcoholic drink and no one will question it (and if they have a problem with you not drinking then maybe they are the problem). This helps you stay hydrated and keeps you from grazing immediately on the goodies.

Speaking of grazing, that is exactly what we want to avoid doing. It is a good thing to eat at these parties, but grazing can lead to eating WAY more than we intend to! I make a habit of getting a plate and putting everything that I plan on eating that evening on it in one go. This prevents me from going back to the food every five to ten minutes and inevitably makes me eat a lot less. I like to load my plate with more fruits and veggies than anything else when I grab my food so that I will feel good throughout the evening. I also know that I will want to be saving a good amount of the calories I'm consuming in the evening on cocktails.

Holiday cocktails are some of my absolute favorites! I am a fan of whiskey, red wine, dark beers, and cinnamon, so this is the best time of year for me when it comes to drinking tasty things. This means that it is also the biggest time of year that I will be drinking my calories instead of just eating them. This in mind, it's important to plan out what I am drinking in the evening as well. Especially because after one or two drinks I wont remember to be cautious with consumption!

I know that I will want to get the most bang for my buck as far as calories to alcohol consumed go, so I tend to lean toward having two winter Old Fashioneds. This is something that I can sip over a long period of time, get a nice buzz on without being a mess, and it satisfies my winter taste without me consuming more calories or sugar that I want!

The last trick that I like to pull out around holidays is to make my own low sugar, low carb goodies and bring them to share with the rest of the guests at the party. Doing this guarantees that there will be something at the party that you KNOW you can have and still be working towards your goals and you will look like a rock star for showing up with a contribution to the group!

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