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Why I "Do It For The Crop Top"

If you know me, you’ll know that whenever I do something in fitness I will use the hashtag #doitforthecroptop.

I’ve used this for the last decade and I have always used it as a point of body confidence and pride in where you are in your own body. Whether you have a ripped six pack, a little in the middle, or you’re a bit bigger, this saying is meant for you.

"Do it for the crop top" started when I was 21 years old and working on my own fitness journey, battling my eating disorders, working to ease my body dysmorphia, and far too thin to be concerned with my body fat. A very good friend of mine and I had been joking about silly trends on the internet and she was poking fun at my complete lack of style (growing up in rural Iowa did not help with my fashion sense!) when I mentioned that one day I wanted to be thin enough to wear a crop top like all the men in the 80's and 90's!

She continually insisted that I was already thin enough that I could do that without questioning it, but in my mind I had a very long way to go. I was doing cardio constantly, not really eating enough, and weighing myself daily. In my mind I was putting all of this effort in so that I would be able to feel confident in a crop top, as silly as that sounds!

A few years go by and I do a LOT of work on my mental health (you can read more about that journey here) and start to incorporate strength training into my routine as well. At this point I had finally allowed myself to find a love for my body, no matter what size I am. I let myself gain a little weight and be ok without looking like a model. I let myself love Me.

I still workout daily, but I no longer completely cut myself off from certain foods and I don't limit myself when it comes to wearing clothes because I am worried about how I'll look to others. I do what makes me happy while still making healthy choices.

After all of my effort to lose and lose and lose, I was never happy or confident when I was at my thinnest. It wasn't until I allowed myself to love me for me did I find the confidence to put on that crop top.

"Do it for the crop top" is never something that should be looked at as shaming or derogatory. It should be seen as inspiring. It should be used to find that confidence, no matter your size, to wear what you want and to be who you are without the feeling of guilt or fear.

Every person deserves to feel good in their own skin. That’s why we “do it for the crop top”. To get to that point where you’re comfortable with yourself, wherever that is

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