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Today I was Body Shamed

As I have spent the last several months during quarantine moving my entire fitness business into a virtual space, I have reached out to as many online forums and blogs as I can for advice on how to approach different audiences, serve my clients as efficiently as possible, and for help with marketing. Yesterday I posted a question in a marketing community about how best to reach as many people as I can within my niche. If you don't already know, I mostly cater to a body positive demographic that covers the LGBT+ community, working parents, and busy professionals.

My question was answered by a few people with legitimate advice, a few class inquiries, and one statement that really got to me. This person obviously did not read my About Me or any of the reviews from my website because their answer was cold, rude, and unwarranted.

"There is no reason that I or anyone else should take fitness advice from someone as fat as you"...

I I sat there staring at my screen in disbelief that someone could be so carelessly unfeeling to the journey of someone else. That this person took time out of their day to write something that, for no other reason, was to hurt me. Someone that they have never and would never meet or interact with again.

And me, with my history of mental struggle surrounding my weight and body image, took it to heart. I got in my head and let myself think that their words mattered. I set myself down this dark spiral into all of those hurtful thoughts and feelings that I used to adhere to on a regular basis.

"I really am too fat to inspire others", "I've let myself go and I'll never change another life", "Why would anyone take advice on fitness from someone that looks like me?"

But I am fortunate enough to have a great partner that makes me feel so beautiful and this wonderful community that I have built that inspires me and has faith in me. I run a class that is all about being inclusive and body positive, but there are still the moments that just break me down like this. I need reminded of my own worth on occasion as well.

I won't let this one person be the reason I fall.

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