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Stretches For Better Sex!

With Valentine's Day this upcoming weekend, I wanted to do a bit of a partner post!

*I am not one to talk about my personal sex life, so I am going to keep this post a little more for the general audience.*

Making love is one of the most beautiful things that we can do as people. The connection, the intimacy, the release. Just a wonderful experience can be had by all. That long as you can safely get into those positions to make it wonderful.

Sometimes we are a little bit too tight in certain muscles to be flexible enough for certain positions. There is nothing that can kill the mood more than going to do some new, fun, and exciting position, getting halfway into it then realizing that it's just not happening. This can make you feel inadequate, lacking, and you can even get hurt attempting it! That's why I'm giving you this list of stretches to do before you get BUSY!

The few areas we really want to focus on today are Hips, Spine, Inner Thigh, and Glutes! All of these are integral parts of intimacy, so I'll give you a couple stretches to help open them up!

First are our hips. This simple hip flexor opener is incredibly effective in giving you more mobility and range of motion.

Starting with your first knee on the floor and your other foot straight in front of you, you're going to lean your body forward to open that hip. It's very important that you keep your upper body tall so to get a nice full stretch! Do this for 30-60 seconds or until you feel you've gotten as stretched as you safely can, then switch sides and repeat.

Next we're going to open through your spine. There are two really good stretches that you'll want to do for this and they are both really easy to get into!

Starting with a frog stretch, while on your knees, open them wide and bring your feet together. from here you will want to sit yourself back into them and lay your upper body on the floor. This is really great for opening your lower back and focusing a little closer to your hips.

The other stretch for your back is one that you see in Yoga all the time. Even people that don't do Yoga know this stretch because it's featured as the stereotypical pose in tv and movies. You probably guessed it, Cobra.

So easy to get into, you start by laying face down on the floor. Making sure that you have the tops of your feet flat on the floor as well, place your hands flat next to your chest and press! You should have your arms straight and your hips still close to the floor. Important to make sure that your shoulders are active and that you don't let your neck slip down into your body. You'll look like a turtle and could hurt yourself.

Now that your back is feeling good and you're looking cute, let's open those inner thighs. We all know that opening our legs is essential while intimate, so this stretch is key!

All I'm going to have you do is a side lunge, but you can do a couple different variations. I know that I have a few dancers that read my blog, so I am doing the deep version in the picture. If you're not as flexible, THAT'S OK! You can still do a side lunge! Instead of lifting your foot up, keep them both flat on the ground and simply bend one knee at a time to open up the inside of that thigh.

Last thing that I want us to focus on is the booty. Your glutes power so many of your motions and because of this you need to take better care of them than you likely are now. I'm just giving you one simple stretch to make your time in the bedroom better, but be sure to take care of your butt regularly!

The stretch for this has a couple different variations, so I'll go over two of them. The first we are going to need a chair for. Starting by simply sitting upright you're going to rest your first foot on your opposite knee. For some people that are already incredibly tight, this is going to be enough of a stretch. Those of us that want to get a little deeper you will just lean your upper body forward over that leg. It's important here to keep your back straight while you bend forward. You don't have to lean far for this to be effective!

The next variation will open both that glute as well as your opposite hip! This position can be a little more difficult to get into, so only do it if you feel safe doing so. Starting on the floor you will place your first leg in front of your body while keeping your knee bent. Make sure that your back foot is straight and flat on the floor, use your arms to press your body upright. To advance this you will want to unbend that front knee about halfway so that it is perpendicular to the rest of your body!

And that's it! Do these stretches before you anticipate getting freaky and you're sure to have a fun, safe, and flexible time!

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