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I Gave Myself a Day

This weekend hit me like a ton of bricks. I have been working so hard over the last few weeks, writing blogs, developing social posts, and filming two classes a day for marketing. I have been going non-stop and it finally caught up to me.

If you're reading this then you know that I work in fitness. This time of year as a personal trainer and fitness pro are absolutely insane! Between people feeling bad about over eating with the holidays to people looking to push past their seasonal depression and getting ready for everyone that partakes in "New Year, New Me", I have been running myself ragged with work. And I'm not even to the busy time yet!

I am doing all of this in preparation for the New Year, knowing that all of my extra effort I am putting in now will be worth it when I have everything in place to help as many people as possible after the holidays. The work that I am doing now is going to change the lives of so many others, and that truly brings me joy! What I have been forgetting in all of this extra work is to take care of myself.

I have let my own need for rest and comfort go out the window, and that simply can't happen. This weekend I hit my wall. I hit my wall so hard. On Sunday I had nothing scheduled to do and no one that I had planned to see, so I took full advantage. I knew that I had to take a day to myself and reset. I had to take time to remember that I have more than just work.

I spent the day locked away in my bedroom. Just me, my books, a silly tv show, and the food that I ordered as a treat. I shut down my social media for the day, I put away my phone as much as possible, and I closed my mind from really communicating at all. I just let myself rest and recover.

I can't even begin to tell you how necessary that was! I woke up this morning feeling so refreshed and ready for the week. I made my morning coffee, created a HUGE list of things to do, and I buckled down and got every single thing done long before I had anticipated! This morning I was renewed.

Not only was it necessary for my physical health to recover because of my extra workouts, but my mental health was in desperate need of a tune up as well. Knowing myself, I should have thought more about the fact that I am also one of the people that suffers from a winter deficit with my depression and that I needed to care for myself.

In doing so I am already seeing my productivity increase in my work and that allows for me to have more time for other things that I love! I am taking time away from my regularly crazy schedule to decorate for the holidays this evening with my partner, write out some personalized cards for loved ones, and bake some tasty treats.

All I needed was to take one day. One simple day of absolutely nothing and no one else but myself. One day to reclaim "Me". I deserved a day and I am so happy that I found myself strong enough to give it to me. Strong enough to let go of obligation and responsibility and just be.

All you have to do is take a step back and ask yourself, "Do I need to take a day?"

If the answer is "Yes", be strong and allow yourself that day.

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